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Customer Comments: The Handcuffs Puzzle

From A.M., Toronto, Canada

Agh! help! I was showing off to a friend that I knew how to solve their Handcuff puzzle (which I do, only the one I first figured it out with was made from string loops, so they worked a little different) and of course, the showing off all came to an end when I realised either (a) I know how to get it off but think it works a different way than it does, or (b) am not seeing it work backwards, therefore either way I am not able to get the ring back on. That'll teach me to show off, won't it?

Anyhow, the long and short of this that if it was my puzzle, I would stick it out and figure it out in time; however, it is not mine. I am a turkey, and really feel like I should sort this out so my friend who owns it in the first place can give it a try. Lesson learned. I am hoping you can email me the solution so long as I promise never to act out again!

The Handcuffs Puzzle
Handcuffs Puzzle