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About Livewire Puzzles

Livewire Puzzles is a home-based Canadian company involved in the production and sales of wire disentanglement puzzles. This is the type of puzzle in which the goal is to separate two interlocked parts, most often a ring or handle, from the main body of the puzzle.

All of our puzzles are hand-made and tested to ensure that each works smoothly and can be solved without the use of excessive force. Our high quality puzzles are fully guaranteed against manufacturing defects.

Our puzzles vary in difficulty. Some are suitable for those who prefer less of a challenge, such as children and more easily intimidated adults; while others are much more complicated and intended more for the serious puzzler. We also have several medium-difficulty puzzles that lie in between the two extremes.

Our research, development, and design have set the standard for wire puzzles in Canada since 1979. Since our beginning we have sold hundreds of thousands of puzzles. Although most of our sales have been at craft fairs and retail stores across the country, we have a thriving mail order business, shipping puzzles virtually around the globe.

We are always willing to answer questions about our puzzles, and should you require guidance in your choice of a puzzle, we would be pleased to be of assistance. Email Us.

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