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Choosing The Right Puzzle

The difficulty rating with each of our puzzles has been determined by feedback from people who have struggled with and either solved or failed to solve each puzzle. The rating is based on the assessment of all sorts of people, from virtually all walks of life.

Based on the information presented with the photo of each puzzle you may have a pretty good idea which puzzle best suits your needs. If however, you have someone in mind, and need help in picking the right puzzle, email us and we'll pass along our recommendations. The recommendations will be based on the feedback and experience we've gained in more than twenty years of sales.

Information such as the person's age, educational background, occupation will be most helpful. Also, whether he or she has any musical or artistic ability, or is a logical thinker, will be of assistance to us. People usually buys puzzles for people who like them, but not always.

One more thing. If the puzzle is intended for a novice, let us know whether it is your intention to build up his/her confidence or to drive him/her crazy. Similarly, if the puzzle is intended as a gag gift for an office or house party, or simply something you plan to leave lying around, please advise us. The more you tell us, the easier it is for us to make an educated suggestion.

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