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Discontinued Puzzles

These are puzzles that we have sold in the past and have since discontinued producing. Although we are not selling these puzzles at this time, it is possible we may bring one or more of them back into production sometime in the future. For example, "The Meleda Puzzle" was re-introduced into our line-up in 2003. It now has a redesigned all-metal handle and we have changed its name to The Chinese Rings Puzzle to better reflect its origin.
The "discontinued" puzzles are available as special orders (minimum 25 of a particular puzzle). Please contact Livewire Puzzles for availability, delivery times and price.
Aftermath Puzzle
Arrow Puzzle
Astroknot Puzzle
Bedbug Puzzle
Bridge The Gap Puzzle
Candy Canes Puzzle
Centipede Puzzle
Coathanger Puzzle
"Coiled Again!" Puzzle
Corkscrew Puzzle
Crystal Clear Puzzle
Eureka! Puzzle
Firecracker Puzzle
"Hands Up!" Puzzle
Hat Trick Puzzle
Heartbreaker Puzzle
House Arrest Puzzle
Jig Is Up Puzzle
Keyring Companion Puzzle
King Tut Puzzle
Meleda Puzzle
Mexican Standoff Puzzle
Mothballs Puzzle
Mousetrap Puzzle
Nut House Puzzle
Open & Shut Case
Perfect Pitch Puzzle
Pickpocket Puzzle
Quadrangle Puzzle
Quicksilver Puzzle
Rapid Fire Puzzle
Shockwave Puzzle
Short Circuit Puzzle
Silent Partner Puzzle
Skip a Beat Puzzle
Slingshot Puzzle
Something Fishy Puzzle
Sputnik Puzzle
Touch Wood Puzzle
Trapeze Puzzle
Triple Crown Puzzle
Triple Play Puzzle
Virus Puzzle
Watt The Heck! Puzzle
Wedge Puzzle
Wooden Open Puzzle

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