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The History of Livewire Puzzles

Livewire Puzzles began in 1979, shortly after I solved my first puzzle. I had received a hand-made puzzle several years earlier, but had been unable to solve it. Whether my inability stemmed from a disinterest in puzzles or lack of faith that the puzzle could be solved, I am not sure.

After several weeks of work, the solution suddenly hit me. Once I saw it, I couldn't believe that I'd missed it. The puzzle taught me a little humility, but then I realized that none of my friends had been able to solve it either!

Although I refused to show any of them how to do it, I could now at least prove to them that it could be done. With their confidence in the puzzle restored, most were able to solve it in just a few days. Suddenly, something that had proved to be a thorn in their side was the hottest thing going. They all wanted one. Since the puzzle was not commercially available, I had to make replicates of the puzzle myself. That was the start of Livewire Puzzles.

Now that we had solved that one puzzle, we were hungry for more. At that time, books on puzzles were few and far between, so my research was restricted to back issues of periodicals such as Scientific American, Nature, and the like. Old mathematics books were of some help, as was the Patent Office. We also scoured antique stores, garage sales and flea markets to pick up what we could find. It was a slow, inefficient process, but occasionally it payed off.

Then along came the book "Creative Puzzles of the World". The book contained all kinds of puzzles, including dissection puzzles, wire puzzles, mazes, string puzzles, as well as number and logic puzzles. The book was an inspiration to us, allowing us to hone our technical wire bending skills by presenting us with designs and concepts that we had not yet imagined.

That was some time ago, and since then, we have come a long way. What started out as a hobby is now a full-time job.

As our name implies, Livewire Puzzles is primarily interested in wire puzzles. Over the years, through research and design, we have made every effort to produce a wide range of puzzles, each one with its own charm and appeal. Although there are many extremely complex wire puzzles available, we prefer to produce the simpler, more elegant-looking puzzles. It has been our experience that the most popular puzzles have been the ones that test your thinking processes, not your endurance. But don't be misled: some of our more difficult puzzles will test your stamina, but they do so in a manner that is not monotonously or unimaginatively tedious. Nothing measures up to a puzzle whose solution comes suddenly with a change of perspective.

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