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Puzzle Art

Java and Shockwave Puzzles

Interactive Puzzles

  • Daily Jigsaw Puzzles - Dozens and dozens of free online jigsaw puzzles.
  • Clickmazes - Unique interactive puzzles and mazes.
  • Alien Tiles - Fiendishly difficult puzzle by Dr. Cliff Pickover and Cam Mckechnie.
  • Wheel of Fortune - Online version of Wheel of Fortune.
  • The Maze - Graphical maze. Solve it in the least number of moves.
  • Enigma - E N I G M A: the image shuffling, puzzle toy for the Web.

Mechanical Puzzles

Miscellaneous Puzzles

  • Puzzle Prime - Brain teasers, puzzle problems, online games, reviews, and more.
  • Puzzles And Riddles - Riddles, brainteasers, lateral thinking problems, spot the difference pictures.
  • Printable Puzzles - High-res PDF puzzles. Word Search, Crossword, Sudoku, and more.
  • PeterPuzzle - Website of puzzle designer Peter Grabarchuk.
  • Puzzles of Leonid Mochalov - Website of the Russian inventor of puzzles and author of books.
  • Pentomino - Pentomino information, problems, and exercises.
  • Sam Loyd - Info about Sam Loyd and his puzzles. Download his "Cyclopedia of 5000 Puzzles".
  • AgeOfPuzzles.com - Interactive and printable puzzles, plus lots of puzzle links and resources.
  • Nick's Mathematical Puzzles - Math puzzles with hints, answers, and fully worked solutions.
  • pzzls - Free daily Sudoku puzzles. Play online or print them.
  • Terry Stickels.com - Official website of puzzle author and speaker Terry Stickels.
  • Aha! Puzzles - Original creative puzzles, books, and tests designed by Lloyd King.
  • Barry R. Clarke - Liar problems, number conundrums, matchstick puzzles, lateral mind-benders.
  • MysteryPhotos.com - Identify the objects in the photos and win weekly prizes.
  • Braingle - User submitted and ranked brain teaser, mind puzzles and riddles.
  • The Contest Center - Puzzles, Riddles, and Contests for cash.
  • curiouser.co.uk - Paradoxes, puzzles, games, illusions, poetry, curious facts, quotations.
  • Puzzles.com - A great resource for Puzzles, Illusions, Tricks, and other Fun on the internet.
  • Free Puzzles - Lots of puzzles: Logic, Math, Weight, Moves, Geometry...
  • Mathpuzzle.com - Ed Pegg Jr's wonderful site full of math puzzles and mathematical recreations.
  • Lateral Puzzles - A forum for fans of lateral thinking puzzles.
  • Puzz.com - IQ tests, puzzles, games, trivia, freebies, & contests for prizes.
  • BrainBashers - A matabooboo of logic puzzles, math puzzles, language puzzles and paradoxes.
  • Archimedes' Laboratory - Hands-on thinking games which help teach mathematical applications.
  • The Ultimate Puzzle Site - Basic & Math Puzzles, Brain-Teasers, Complex Problems.
  • Antique Puzzle Trade Cards - Our own section on puzzle trade cards.

Puzzle Newsgroups and Forums

Optical Illusions

Puzzle Archives and FAQ's


Puzzle Sellers

Sliding Piece Puzzles

Word Puzzles

Downloads - Freeware, Shareware, Demos

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