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Bathtub Ring Trick
Object: Magically slip the ring onto the beaded chain.
Difficulty: Fun and tricky!
Dimensions: Length of looped chain 18" (46 cm.)
Materials used: 1/8" (3.18 mm) nickel-plated beaded chain;
1 1/2" (3.8 cm.) nickel-plated welded ring

I recall seeing a picture of this "puzzle" years ago. At that time I thought, "Look how simple it appears; it can't be that interesting." How wrong I was. When I had the opportunity to play with one in 2003 I was immediately hooked.

What is Bathtub Ring Trick all about? The object is simply to drop the solid ring so that it becomes firmly attached to the chain. We question whether it should really be called a puzzle, but regardless, it doesn't mean that Bathtub Ring Trick isn't puzzling. It is a must for puzzlers and magicians of all ages.

Note: Bathtub Ring Trick comes with complete instructions describing the techniques required. In no time you'll be hooked and will be fascinating your friends!

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Bathtub Ring Trick
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