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The Handcuffs Puzzle
Object: Remove the large silver ring from the connected handcuffs.
Difficulty: Easy - Medium
Dimensions: 9" (23 cm) long, 3 1/4" (8 cm) wide
Materials used: Nickel-plated 3/32" (2.38 mm) wire

This is one of the oldest and most famous of wire puzzles. It has been described in numerous books on puzzles, and although its origin is unknown, it is believed that the first puzzle of this type was created by joining two horseshoes together with short lengths of leather or chain.

Of all the puzzles we have ever had the pleasure to play with, this one is undoubtedly the most fun. We have seen newcomers to the puzzle pick it up and solve it immediately; then spend the next hour or so getting the ring back on. We have seen others master the puzzle over a period of hours, only to be completely baffled the following morning.

Here are a few comments that we've heard:

"Our dog solved it!"

"Can I use them on my children?"

"The adults worked on it all evening, only to have a two year old pick it up and have the ring fall off!"

Because of its simple appearance, this puzzle is a great one to leave lying around at home or at the office. At a glance, people generally recognize it as a puzzle and realize what they are supposed to do. Presuming it to be as simple as it looks, very few people can resist the temptation to impress others with their ability to quickly solve this puzzle, however only the seasoned veteran likely has the confidence and skill to do so without stumbling.

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Handcuffs Puzzle
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