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Christmas Tree Ornament
The "Wish Upon a Star" Puzzle
Object: Remove the hook and cord from the star.
Difficulty: Difficult
Dimensions: Star: 3 1/2" (9 cm) tall
Materials used: 1/8" (3.18 mm) nickel-plated wire

It makes no difference who you are - this Christmas ornament puzzle will be an interesting challenge to all.

To see other Christmas ornaments currently offered by Livewire Puzzles go to: Frosty the Puzzle Man, Oh!, Oh!, Oh!, Spruced Up Tree, and Stocking Stuffer. Please note that the solutions to all five ornament puzzles are similar, although, due to their shape, three of the five are more difficult to solve than the other two.

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Wish Upon a Star Christmas Tree Ornament Puzzle
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